(to be included in the zine)

Please see additional drop-off information below

We invite artists as well as the the public at large (friends, family, even your kids!) to participate in a show that is a direct visual response to our current political climate.

This is Black Ball Projects’ second of two exhibitions in response to the election.

We are officially accepting materials now! And throughout the duration of the show. (Details below)

This is an experimental exhibition that seeks to reflect the actions our collective bodies have taken through different types of protest and expression. We are interested in thoughts made visible—concerns and civic calls for action alongside earnest or humorous demands for sanity.

We are focusing on the poster or the protest sign as the medium of choice, but are also open to various media:

– Posters
– Protest Signs
– T-shirts
– Ephemera

All material should have original authorship. We will be crediting content to the author. For this reason, please don’t submit found material that you have not created yourself.

Items will all be added to the walls of the gallery on a continual basis, from the opening to the closing of the exhibition. We look forward to presenting the multiplicity of visual protest seen since the dawn of the Trump era.

If such actions have so far been private or only imagined, now is the time to go public!

And finally, this show will culminate in a small catalogue or “zine.” We like to think that this will serve as a historical document in some small way. All work will be photographed (and credited) upon arrival and we aim to have this catalogue/zine available by closing day, Saturday April 22.

Exhibition hours and Closing Reception:

For the run of Poster
The gallery will be open on Saturdays only.

March 25- MAY 6: 
There will not be an opening reception.
The exhibition will evolve throughout it’s run.
So instead, we will have a closing DAY reception (and catalogue/zine launch).
Saturday MAY 6, 12-6pm

How to participate:
Drop off your newly created or already used “protest” Posters, signs, T-shirts, ephemera, at the gallery:

374 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11249

Simply wrap (with your name & email) & drop off your material

*Anytime at the Gallery between 11am- 6pm
from now (Wed. April. 19) through Sat. April 29

*or Mail directly to the gallery
(same address as above)
if you want your works returned
please supply return postage! 😀

Please Note the following:

*Unfortunately we are unable to print your works for you- (i.e.: jpegs, pdf’s etc)
* Your poster can be reclaimed the day of the closing event Sat. April 22
*As part of the experimental nature of the exhibition, the methods of display will depend of the quantity of material received. The install may involve overlapping and layering of works on top of each other. Therefore we can’t guarantee the pristine return of your contribution.
* 3 poster limit per person
* You do not have to be an artist
* You may ask your friends and family to participate- SPREAD THE WORD
* The Gallery does reserve the right to refuse any material for any reason
* Posters should not be larger than 36″ in any one dimension
* Please pack your poster(s) neatly for delivery– with your name and email attached- especially  if you want it returned
* Contact for further questions